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The Art Club is for children aged 7-11 who love art and would like to spend more time developing their creativity. We meet in Long Wittenham Village hall on Friday afternoons to have fun exploring the world from an artistic perspective working on inspiring projects involving a wide range of art concepts and processes including drawing, painting, printing and collage.


Classes are small and friendly with a maximum of 8 students, so everyone gets plenty of attention. 

Using a variety of media and techniques throughout the term, each lesson will focus on developing key skills, beginning with a warm-up and then on to a project that may run over one or two sessions that challenge and inspire you to take risks and develop your artistic confidence.

I believe that studying and practising art enriches our lives and makes us more aware of all of our senses. It enables us to become creative and independent thinkers. It sharpens our powers of observation and feeds our imagination.


I aim to inspire students to enjoy Art as much as I do. This might be followed by drawing from imagination or observation. 


Terms usually last 6 weeks and they need to be booked and paid for in advance. Each lesson is £7.


Dates for this term:

6/11/2020 - 11/12/2020 (6 Sessions)

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Friday @ 4.15-5.30

Long Wittenham Village Hall

Covid19: The club follows the same procedure as schools. No resources are currently shared between students during the sessions.

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